Tårarna rinner, så känslig man är!

A Daughter

All mothers need a daughter
someone like her to be
To dress her up and take her out
for all the world to see
To brush her hair so shiny
the pretty bows to tie
To teach her how to clean her room
and how to bake a pie.
Then one day when she's older
and finds her love so true
She never will forget the many
things she learned from you.
Someday, she'll have her children
my wish for her would be
To have a lovely daughter
one who is just like she!

Postat av: crazyangel

klart jag antar utmaningar :)

2008-10-29 @ 19:36:47
URL: http://crazyangel.blogg.se/
Postat av: Mandy

Söt hon e.. har inte haft tid att skriva mycket på gång just nu.


2008-10-29 @ 21:07:53
URL: http://mizzmandy.blogg.se/

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